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Nursing Challenges and Current Landscape

Insights into the Complexities of Nursing Shortages, Education Constraints, and Diversity Disparities

Nurse Shortage

33 nurses are the average shortage hospitals face at any given time, compounded yearly due to significant RN exits and retirement.


91,000+ potential students turned away due to budget constraints, faculty shortages, and classroom limitations. Faculty burnout amplified by demanding workload, competing responsibilities, work-life imbalance, and compensation gaps.


1 in 4 Americans has at least one disability. Nursing students present with diverse needs related to accessibility in their learning environments.

Workforce Dynamics

The demanding clinical environment and staffing shortages lead to stress and strain among nurses


RN turnover rate


RN vacancy rate


average hospital staff turnover


nurses experiencing burnout

Preceptor Predicament

44% less earnings for nurse faculty contribute to burnout, dwindling preceptors, and lack of recognition.

Clinical Preceptor Support

Preceptors face increased workload balancing patient care and teaching, lacking consistent training and recognition. Incentives and standardized training nationwide is essential.

Technology Strain

Fractured Time

Rapid technology advancements, such as EMR, computers, telehealth, and medical technology, fracture a nurse's time, impacting workload and the ability to train and acclimate new nurses effectively.

Need for Quick Solutions

With the complexity of healthcare increasing exponentially each year, nurses who train in the clinical environment need quick answers to difficult training scenarios.

Nursing Workforce & Faculty Disparities

Minority Representation

40% of total minority population out of which


nursing workforce


nursing faculty

Male Representation

49.6% of total general male population out of which


nursing workforce


nursing faculty

Student Disparities

Minority Students

  • 40.8% in baccalaureate
  • 38.9% in master's
  • 35.5% in PhD
  • 38.9% in DNP programs

Male Students

  • 12.6% in baccalaureate
  • 11.7% in master's
  • 11.2% in PhD
  • 14.1% in DNP programs

Clinical Education & Precepting Barriers

Demand for Clinical Sites

There is high demand for clinical sites & can be supported by training alternatives for students and using advanced simulation technologies.

Rural Communities

Rural communities and smaller organizations, both academic and clinical, need collaborations to provide advanced education solutions such as simulation.

Student Education

Foundational student education needs to be strong to adequately and safely prepare students for their clinical education practice.

Clinical Site Insufficiencies

Clinical site insufficiencies were reported as the most frequent reason (69%) and most important reason (40%) for turning away qualified baccalaureate nursing school applicants.

Proposed Approach

Landscape for Clinical Preceptors.

Understand organizational dynamics shaping student precepting for effective mentorship within institution.

Recognition & Incentives

Explore ways of formal recognition and incentives for precepting, including monetary and non-monetary incentives.


Explore technological solutions facilitating communication, optimizing preceptorship through innovative IT integration.

Educational Program Processes

Explore streamlined support systems connecting preceptors and clinical faculty for seamless student guidance.

Preceptor-Clinical Instructor Academy

Discover curriculum and communication tools empowering preceptors and clinical instructors for effective mentorship.

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Nurses Stories: Connecting Through Experience

Empowering the Future: Inspiring Stories of Passion, Mentorship, and Growth from Nursing Preceptors.

Program Aims


State and Regional Clinical Preceptor Landscape Analysis
Complete a comprehensive needs assessment to identify the unique clinical preceptor landscape in the state and region, to include motivating factors and barriers, that will inform the vision and creation of standardized curriculum, recruitment and retention strategies, and supportive infrastructure for clinical precepting.


Innovative Preceptor Academy: Tailored Training for Clinical Faculty and Preceptors
Create a Preceptor Academy to train and support clinical faculty/preceptors using innovative technology, design, and approach which is both unique to the needs of the local nursing environment and amenable to scaling to a regional and national level.


Develop Academic-Practice Partnerships to Support Precepting Needs
Enhance and create relationships with existing and new academic-clinical community partners to create new clinical faculty opportunities, assess clinical preceptor needs, address barriers to recruitment and retention, contribute to and enhance collective expertise, and harness communication networks to share Preceptor Academy opportunities and resources.


Enhancing Support Services for Clinical Faculty and Academy Members
Leverage existing and implement new support services to academic, peer, and social supports to optimize the success of clinical faculty or Academy members including promotion of resiliency and well-being as well as prevention of burnout.

Program Outcomes Reporting

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